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Mad World
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Chun Wong / Hong Kong
2016 / 101 minutes / Mandarin (with English subtitles) / PG13 / Some Coarse Language

Mad World is an accomplished film about an unlikely hero who struggles with his mental illness, his sense of failure, and the hurtful ignorance surrounding him.

Tung has just been dismissed from the mental hospital where he's spent the last few years suffering from a severe form of bipolar disorder. He is not cured; his illness is one that can at best be managed. Once a successful financial analyst, Tung lost his job due to a nervous breakdown, and no one is willing to hire him back.

Tung's father’s less than happy to have him back home in his tiny single-room apartment. A truck driver who must often travel to China, he's overcome with worry whenever he has to go away, leaving Tung and his medication regime unsupervised. During these periods of solitude, Tung is either at the mercy of nosy, narrow-minded neighbours or, worse, left alone with the ghosts of his past. That past is the source of rifts and resentment between father and son, and its invisible presence may suffocate them both in this claustrophobic shared space. Soon, though, the hostile world outside the apartment presents a whole other set of difficulties.

“Humanist drama tries to cram all the ills of Hong Kong urban life into 100 minutes, and it makes a few missteps, but this story of a recovering bipolar patient is a brave piece of filmmaking.” — Edmund Lee, South China Morning Post

2017 Asian World Film Festival Winner for Special Jury Award
2016 Golden Horse Film Festival Winner for Best New Director & Best Supporting Actress
2018 Shanghai Film Critics Awards Winner for Best Film — Film of Merit

Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
It is often challenging for individuals to address their personal mental health concerns at the workplace, for fear of stigmatisation which may lead to missed opportunities for promotion and/or being dismissed. These concerns may include caregiving duties to a person with mental illness or the emotional strains resulting from having to juggle work, family and other responsibilities.

We have brought together a well-rounded panel consisting of a mental health professional, a lawyer practicing employment law, a vice-president of human resources at a global MNC, and a co-founder of a Fintech company who has interest in mind-body connection. This panel will address issues of mental health at the workplace, the importance of building and maintaining relationships for persons with mental illness, and also share on the available support for persons with mental health concern and their caregivers - both at the micro and macro levels.

(L-R Jaslyn Koh, Markus Gnirck, Lyn Lee, Adj Assoc Prof Lee Cheng, Amarjit Kaur)

Jaslyn Koh is the Founder of Broc & Bells and The Busy Woman Project - both platforms built with a mission for individuals to live authentically, sustainably and be healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, socially. She is driven and inspired by growth, strength and experiences. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Jas was in Investment Banking, based in Singapore.

Markus Gnirck the Co-Founder of tryb, and has been involved in many public engagements and works with various stakeholders to build sustainable fintech ecosystems. As a proponent a healthy lifestyle, he also hosts the podcast ‘Mastering Mind & Body – A Chat About Being Uberhuman’.

Lyn Lee is a global senior leader in a Fortune Global 500 company and the Founder of a Bhutan-based boutique travel advisory service. She is passionate in driving the Diversity and Inclusion agenda in areas such as gender balance, workplace disability inclusion and creating an inclusive work environment where all individuals are able to bring their best selves to work and perform at their best.

Adj Assoc Prof Lee Cheng is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and the Vice-Chairman Medical Board (Clinical) at the Institute of Mental Health. He was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 2018, and a recipient of the 2014 National Healthcare Group (NHG) Distinguished Achievement Award.

Amarjit Kaur is a commercial disputes lawyer and has acted in high-value and complex litigation and international arbitration matters. Part of her practice centres around employment law, and involves guiding executives and companies through complex employment issues arising out of investigations, reduction in force exercises, terminations, etc. She was recognized by the Singapore Business Review in 2017 as one of Singapore’s most influential lawyers aged 40 and under.

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Regardless of your situation - no matter how big or small, please know that there are professionals who will be able to help and support you.

A listening ear is a phone call away: SMHFF's list of mental health helplines

The contents of the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival (“SMHFF”), such as film, panel discussions, workshops, and other material from the festival (“content”) are for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your mental health professional or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your condition. Never disregard professional advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have seen, heard or read, during the festival.

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